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Your Wedding Locations Are More Important Than You Think

Sure, everyone wants an amazing ceremony site. A beautiful, historic church or a riverfront view. Naturally, everyone wants to wow at their reception, with a gorgeous candle-lit ballroom or an open dance floor under the stars. BUT everyone seems to make the prep locations, an afterthought. So many videos don't look nearly as good as they could, due improper lighting.

Many times, especially in older churches and halls, the Brides step into their gorgeous gowns in a dimly lit basement rec room, illuminated by ugly fluorescent lighting. It not only gives harsh shadows on the face but takes casts an unfortunate tint onto the stark-white dress. We do our best to balance everything with some color correction in post, but it doesn't always work out. Don't plan to 'Fix It In Post', here.

Bridesmaids and Bride
Gorgeous natural lighting can add shape and depth. Their robes actually look the correct colors!

Simply finding a window and turning off the overhead lighting, will help in many cases. We try to take initiative in doing so, but sometimes the party doesn't want to get ready in the dark. This is totally understandable and can be avoided if you plan to just capture the Bride's prep shots that way. Trust your videographer/photographer and at the very least, plan for some window light. If you can find some truly open locations, even better. Natural lighting will take a wedding video from good to great and, overall, just make everything look, well, more natural.

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